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Solo Classical Guitar

Graham Sims performs at wedding receptions, dinner parties, business functions and promotions all over the UK. He offers a wide range of background and performance music which is both gentle and entertaining. Specialising in weddings, his extensive repertoire allows him to play during the wedding ceremony, drinks reception or the wedding breakfast, or any combination of these. With the use of gentle amplification to enhance the sound he is able to perform both indoors or outdoors. His repertoire includes well-known classics Bach’s "Air on a G-String", Stanley Myer’s "Cavatina" (The Deer Hunter), and arrangements of popular songs such as "Scarborough Fair" and "Mad World". Inspiration and musical insight combine to create a highly informed and unique performance.


“Graham's guitar playing is perfect for any event. He plays with a lightness of touch and a senstivity to the surroundings that make him an ideal choice to complement any dinner or reception. His versatility and flexibility is immensly reassuring for event organisers.”
Bath's Historic Buildings

"Some hot s*** classical guitar playing."
Ben Bartlett - Guitarist & What Guitar magazines

"A player of excellent technique producing a wide variety of tones and colours, a truly musical performance.” 
Bath Chronicle

“A fine guitarist.”
BBC Radio Bristol

"Graham's warmth of personality is conducted through his music with ease, and this is particularly so with the guitar. His sensitivity is balanced with a controlled energy and knife-edge accuracy that allows the music to speak clearly through the instrument in an expressive, personal way. His versatility as a musician is focused and finely-tuned lending an intimate yet well-informed sound to each performance that he gives." 
Hayley Savage